Culinary Arts – CTH

Recently, along with the development of hospitality and tourism industry, the need for talents to work in culinary world has increased. As a result of this trend, almost all the gastronomy graduates are guaranteed a well-paid job. However, choosing an institute for Culinary Arts training in Vietnam is perhaps challenging since not so many training centres could match with required standards.

At CitySmart Hotel Management (CHM), students will study in an global environment that meets international standards, and receive training from experts of the field. Especially, CHM is qualified to train and licensing VTOS certificates (Vietnam Tourism Occupational Skills Standards) for students of Culinary Arts department. VTOS is the ticket to enter the professional working environment anywhere in ASEAN.

Award Centres

  • CitySmart Hotel Management
  • Federation of Tourism and Hospitality, the UK


  • CTH Certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation from internship supervisor


  • Highschool graduates
  • Students who wish to work at restaurants in Vietnam and all over the world
  • Students who are interested in hospitality and tourism

Duration of Study

  • Full-time: 6 months
    • Training at CHM: 3 months
    • Paid Internship: 3 months

School Dates: new class opens every month

CHM strongly recommend you to visit our school to get an overview of our students, activities, facilities and to consult with our Admission Team to find the best training program for you.

You can sign-up to our course or visit us at:

Address: Golden Westlake 162A Hoang Hoa Tham street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi.

Hotline: 098 428 6161

  • Courses list

    • Food safety and hygiene
    • Culinary techniques
    • European Cuisine
    • Vietnamese Cuisine
    • Baking
    • Kitchen management