European Cuisine

European cuisine is the food culture which has influences on different gastronomy all around the world. Western cuisine is attracted the gourmets by not only the harmony, delicacy but also simple and luxury. Customers are always fascinated by the fatty of cheese, butter, milk, plenty of various spices and unique recipes.

Some typical countries of European cuisine can be mentioned such as: France, Italia, UK, Spain, Turkey, etc. Each of them creates their own special features whose favour anyone never forget.

Are you a fan of European cuisine? Do you want to become a professional chef of Western cuisine?

Citysmart Hotel Management (CHM) International School from Canada is the education organization providing Culinary Arts programs in order to fulfil the high demand of restaurants, hotels, resorts in Vietnam and overseas.

Students have chances to study with the professional academic teams who are the leading industry experts in Vietnam, especially can practice continuously throughout the course.


Awarded by:

  • CitySmart Hotel Management International School
  • Vietnam Tourism Board


  • Vietnam Tourism Occupational Skills Standards (VTOS) Certification
  • Reference letter of internship companies such as hotel, restaurant

Enrolment requirements:

  • High school graduation
  • Love and be passionate on culinary arts industry
  • Overseas students, students who are interested in culinary arts


  • Full time study
  • Theory & practical in school: 01 month
  • Internship program in optional hotels: 3 months


  • Overview introductions of Western cuisine, food safety in the kitchen, job performance, organizational system
  • Outline of popular materials, spices, vegetable
  • Practicing skills of cutting, using, preserving knife – cutting board
  • Practicing to make mother sauces, soup, bread, stewed dishes, stock, presenting and garnishing
  • Practicing at least 03 dishes / class

Orientation schedule: Continuous enrolment every month


Job opportunities:Commit to introduce job opportunities in 4-5 stars restaurants and hotels in Vietnam and some countries in ASEAN after graduation.

In CHM, we encourage students come to visit our modern facilities and equipment in order to explore yourself and experience our education environment. Please come here with us to feel and find the best courses of your dream.

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Hotline: 098 428 6161

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