Wine Skills for Business People

It doesn’t matter if you know nothing or little about wine. At this course you will learn key wine aspects and train practical skills that support you in any wine-related situation, be it a formal wine dinner with business partners or a casual drink with friends and family, or selecting a wine in wine shop.

This course is designed for business people but others can also benefit from attending it, either due to their professional needs (people working in Food & beverage and hospitality) or simply because they like to drink wines and want to improve their wine skills.

Course highlights 

· Wine essentials: grape varieties and regions/countries

· Key wine types and styles

· Old World and New World wines

· Legendary wines: what you should know

· Wine etiquette
· How to taste wine and talk about wine

· How to buy, store and serve wine

· How to order wine at a restaurant

· Wine and food pairing: what you should know

· How to develop your wine taste and skills


Course language

English and Vietnamese

We partner with local professionals from F&B and wine trade industry to deliver the best explanations to our Vietnamese students

Course format and duration

This is an intensive course delivered in two formats:

1) Weekend course (Saturday – Sunday), from 2 pm till 6.30 pm

2) Evening course  (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) from 5 pm till 8 pm

Course dates: Flexible, subject to minimum number of students registered

Course price

3,000,000 VND

10% discount applies to groups of 5 and more

How to register

Wine Education – WSET

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