Nowadays, unemployment has negative influences on many people but some careers are not affected by unemployment such as chef. Why is that?

According to statistics of labor investigation in 2015, total number of unemployment in both bachelor qualification and post-graduate is over 178,000 labors increasing about 16,000 people versus 2014.

In fact, the number is increasing much more than above statistics. Over 60% graduated students cannot get jobs or just work in temporary positions, not to mention working in their wrong majors.

Moreover, some “hot” careers like finance and banking, information technology have high unemployment rates or working in wrong majors. Meanwhile, a lot of chefs (career does not attract many candidates) always have a good jobs.


Regard as a American research website, there are 12 careers path which never be unemployed every time in America and almost countries in the world: doctors, construction, funeral services, science research… and culinary careers such as chef or head cooks. It is always necessary to fulfill food and beverage needs even though how much living standard develops. Therefore, culinary career path will be booming in near future. Average income of a chef is round 11,603 USD per year.

1. Understanding culinary career path

Culinary career is rich of arts. A chef is also an artist who seek new knowledge and innovate to serve guests. A delicious dish needs to satisfy 5 elements: fragrance, taste, performance, culture and in the right moment. Actually, chefs have to suffer high pressures so they need to be enough strong and healthy to work during long hours. To become a head chef or talent chef need multiple skills: organizing, logistic, innovation and strong bravery…

2. Career in Vietnam and job opportunities for whom are passionate on it

In Vietnam, many people are interested in how to enjoy food and beverage (F&B). Plenty of television shows of F&B and some new trend careers such as food stylist are expending in the labor market.


According to some human resource experts, kitchen management and culinary are “hot” job because of high demand of workforce. F&B industry generates huge of benefit, for instance, income of head chef is a dream number of salary. Therefore, labors market experiences a growing number of people studying culinary and explore much more than before. Average income of staffs in kitchen and chefs fluctuated from 4 to 6 million dong per month. After 1-2 years, your salary increases between 5 and 10 million per month.

Culinary arts path is becoming the hot trend of tourism development. Pursuit in culinary arts path with high passion and rich of experiences and knowledge will support chefs more confident to succeed in their career. Dream jobs in hotels, restaurants always open wide doors for whom are enough passionate on it and keep improving themselves to become a master chef.