On 25th October 2015 in Hanoi, the Tourism in business Certificate Council Office – Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VTCB) granted decision confirm evaluation VTOS center award for CitySmart Hospitality Management – CHM.


Mr Tran Phu Cuong – Vice Director of International Cooperation Department, Head of office VTCB granted decision for CHM

Participating the Ceremony, there were Mr Tran Phu Cuong Vice Director of International Cooperation Department, Head of office VTCB; Mr Vu Van Thanh – Director of Hotel Department; Mr Nguyen Dao Dung – Vice Director of Travel Department; about representative of CHM there were Ms Nguyen Lan Huong – Operation Director along with all lecturers and staffs of Center.

Regarding to the Decision number 124/QD-VTCB date 10th October, 2016 of the Tourism in business Certificate Council Office, from 10th October 2016, CHM is recognized as the Evaluation Center of VTCB based on Vietnam Tourism Occupational skills standard (VTOS) for specific fields: Food and Beverage Service; Vietnamese Food Preparation; Western Baking; Housekeeping Operation.

Mr Tran Phu Cuong congratulated CitySmart Hospitality Management had became one of VTOS Evaluation Center of VTCB in Vietnam, at the same time he emphasized that this decision had marked a new step forward of developing pathway of CHM, in resulting assert the facilities and human resource of CHM was qualified in training and assess the occupation tourism skills.

With the brand has achieved, VTCB trusts CHM is going to have a good at retain all the conditions about current facilities and continuously improve the team of lecturer, follow the guidance of VTCB to service in working tourism operation skill in future, contribute to develop the occupation training qualification for students, supplement qualified tourism human resource in Hanoi as well as North area.

CitySmart Hospitality Management belongs to CitySmart Educational Group of Canada that had 12 years in experience of developing in Vietnam. CHM’s facilities include: 7 classrooms with modern conveniences; 2 demo 4-5 stars standard room for practicing purpose; 5 stars Top Chef Restaurant with Western style has café & cake on 1st floor; 6 practice and restaurant kitchens on 2nd floor.


                                      Mr Phan Phu Cuong has speech in ceremony



         Mock up room




                                                                                           Demo kitchen

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