Delicious food is made from genial chefs. With their talent and passion, they can make their own brand in the world and play an important role to develop and promote Vietnamese cuisine to international friends as well.

1.Duong Huy Khai

Start up from zero, with all passion on gastronomy, Duong Huy Khai studied and completed successfully in Cordon Bleu Academie which is the famous school of culinary arts in French. After that, he worked in different restaurants in well-known 4-5 star hotels in Floria, Hawaii (US). In June 2012, in The 1st Beijing International Competition, he excelled over 200 chefs of 30 other countries in the world to achieve Golden medal with bird nest soup made in Khanh Hoa – his hometown.

Duong Huy Khai is the owner of the high-end Ana Mandara restaurant – frequented by Hollywood stars like Sean Penn, Will Smith, Sharon Stone and billionaire Lary Ellison, the first Vietnamese cook to receive a throne. Star on Cordon Bleu Boulevard in France, which honors chefs world. He also campaigned to establish and hold the chairmanship of the Asian Chef Association and Chef’s Association without borders.

Chef Dương Huy Khải

2. Michale Bao Huynh

He is not only one of the most talent and successful Vietnamese chefs in US but also the owner of a chain of restaurants: Baguette bread shop chains, OBao restaurant, Pho Sure restaurant, Burger restaurant, Bao Market restaurant, Bao 111 restaurant, Mai House restaurant, Barbao restaurant, etc. Meanwhile, he is the trainer in Culinary Institues of America. He is the first Vietnamese chef recognized the top chef in US by New York Times in 2003.

His restaurant is the favorite venue of famous world chefs such as Mick Jagger, Usher, Rachel Weisz, Marcosp Rodriguez, Naomi Capbell hay Petra Nemcova, etc.

Đầu bếp Michael Bảo Huỳnh
Chef Michael Bảo Huỳnh

3.Luke Nguyen

As a Vietnamese Australian chef, Luke Nguyen is familiar with Vietnamese audiences as a judge of Master Chef Vietnam Competition. He is also successful with his Vietnamese restaurant chain – Red Lantern in Surry Hills, Sydney now. Besides, he is writing cooking books and is a MC of Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam, a documentary film of Vietnamese traditional cuisine and how to enjoy it.

Đầu bếp Luke Nguyễn
Chef Luke Nguyễn

4.Tran Van Hai

Going to Germany in the form of a labor cooperation, working to save money, Tran Van Hai opened Kabuki restaurant which is famous for Japanese cuisine, especially sushi. With his expertise and unique food, his name has been reverberating throughout Berlin. He also appeared in 10 pages of the book “Berlin Kocht,” which reveals chefs’ cooking tips from top chefs in Berlin.

Although specializing in Japanese dishes, he always introduces Vietnamese food culture for Western diners. He is very friendly, easy-going, witty but also as popular as his name.

Đầu bếp Trần Văn Hai
Chef Trần Văn Hai

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