Hospitality, as interestingly defined in dictionary, is kindness in welcoming visitors, guests or strangers. It refers to the relationship between guest and the host, or the practice or act of being hospitable. Particularly, this involves the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of visitors, guests, strangers, membership clubs, resorts, conventions, special events, attractions, and other services for tourists and travelers. Those successful in this career often pull off the hospitable aura.


Hospitality management, as a field of work, implies managing resorts, hotels, restaurants, tourism, events, conventions and any other institutions engaged in the hospitality industry.

In hospitality industry, there classify many departments – those are, housekeeping, front desk, food/ beverage, engineering, health/ sports, safety/ security. Workforce designated to each of those departments would be required of specific traits, capability and training.

Diversity jobs in the hospitality industry

Diversity jobs in the hospitality industry

This industry has, for long, claimed its special importance in economic and society development. It’s hospitality effect that customer satisfaction is secured. Hospitality also helps improve the country’s image, and captivate tourists and business markets. In most cases, tourists would be satisfied with their travels and want to reuse your services if your tourist guide is friendly, thoughtful and does a good job as a mood raiser. That’s not all, the hospitality industry helps create quality employment. Employees in this industry are meticulously trained about technical and behavioral skills for best customer satisfaction. They are required to show off aesthetic, emotional and other types of labor in a sustained fashion. Very often, they must interact with customers with different cultural dimensions and quality perceptions. That is more than enough to prove how clever, flexible and knowledge they are.


The number of hotel room is continuously increasing by each year

Evidently, the hospitality industry has been significantly thriving around the globe. While other industries struggle to regain from the global economic downturn, hospitality has still proved resilient. For example, the hotel sector has bounced back promptly and been increasing from its 2009 decline. The travel and tourism industry is generally well positioned on tops of globally most important drivers of economic growth, holding almost 9% of global GDP. It also tops the list of largest employers.