Welcome to CHM, where you learn today for a better tomorrow. At CHM we are committed to helping all students meet their future goals through education and learning. We are proud to be recognised as a quality provider within the industry. Our student services ensure all students receive the training, support and skills that they deserve for their future.

  • Student’s Learning Support: CitySmart Hospitality Education is committed to supporting the academic process and successful adjustment to the student’s course of study in CHM. The Student Services Team has qualified staff that are available to assist students who require or request additional support regarding their academic process.
  • Online library: Students can access the international library with huge data and books with the latest updates on the specific program of their choice. This will help the students source the most current information which will also enable them to promote themselves at a worldwide, quality standard.
  • Student’s Welfare: At the international standard level, we understand that students may require extra support or assistance in dealing with situations that can impact their study. We will ensure that students who are studying at CHM will get all the help they need, at anytime, by our professional advisers. Students also receive full support from a private admission executive or academic officer on all issues related to the academic term, as well as the Education Exchange process to universities within the Edexcel University system.
  • Accommodations: We are happy to help students arrange their initial accommodation in Hanoi. We will ensure the student’s adjustment to life in Hanoi is easy and stress-free.