Summer is a time that gives students a headache. They have almost finished High School and then the university entrance exams arrive. According to our national report, national universities only meet a quarter of student demands for each of the national university entrance exam. Understanding that desire, CHM was holding a seminar on 21st July to argue that entering university is not the only option, there is a quicker more exciting way to success!

Examinations, especially the high-stakes university entrance exams, have been constantly criticized as the main reason Vietnamese students do not have critical thinking skills and realistic job experience skills. In contrast, students who attend CitySmart Hotel Management are well prepared for their work lives and careers, having learnt management soft skills and critical thinking skills – they are ready to manage.

The seminar began with the debating of these hot topics: “Is the national university entrance exam a negative and unnecessary educational intervention? Is your university degree recognized internationally? Can you use it to apply for overseas jobs”? Following this discussion, Mr Alex Quah Ban Thong, the director of CHM Admission and Marketing demonstrated the high salary range and the massive job opportunities in the Hospitality and Culinary Industries. He also pointed out that only CHM students are guaranteed to have paid internship at the top hotels and restaurants in Hanoi and are able to fast track their careers.

The workshop was divided into two groups: those who wish to become chefs in culinary arts and those who want to become managers in hospitality. The participants had the chance to talk and consult directly with our Program Managers. The Hospitality Management seminar was lead by Mr. Anthony Nunn, a fantastic lecturer come from UK, who has more than 15 years experience working in the Hospitality Industry. He begun the presentation by sharing his real life stories then gave them a career orientation, and finished with a fun game in our hotel mock room. The students were really excited to actually experience how to prepare a 5 star hotel room properly.

For Culinary Arts students, Chef Peter Lester, a finalist of Iron Chef 2012, and also the judge of Master Chef 2014 guided the students around the 6 kitchen areas in the high-end restaurant Top Chef with full introduction of the facilities. He made the students aware of the difficulties and challenges which chefs must face along the path to becoming a chef. The seminar was finished with an amazing demonstration of the art of chocolate decoration, where students can make chocolate designs by themselves and tasted them.

We were honored to have Madam Phạm Thị Vy as our guest. She is a founder of Hoa Sua vocational school, which helps young people in difficult circumstances and disabilities throughout Vietnam have training opportunities, to build an independent life, equality and respect in society. She said “in my 30 year dedicating in the industry, I have never ever seen any institutions which provide six different modern kitchen areas for student to practice as yours. CHE is providing the best training facilities in Vietnam. I am also impressed with the quality of school curriculum and have no doubt about the successful career that CHE student can get after graduating”

She continued “A simple comparison with our school, we can see CHM students are more advance while studying in a professional environment, under the guiding of international experienced lecturers which help building good foundation for student future careers. I will definitely recommend for my graduated students to enhance their skills as well as their job experience at CHM”.

We would like to give a deeply felt thank you to all participants who attended our workshop. We really appreciated your effort. You are the main contribution to our successful seminar. We hope this seminar prepared and provided useful information for your future career path. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact our admissions department.

For those, who did not join us on 21th June workshop, you are very welcome to visit CitySmart, enjoy our environment and facilities, and talk directly with us about your job orientation. In order to register for the next seminar, please contact us as:

CitySmart Hospitality Education

Hotline: 0984286161