Education is the best investment a person can make; it is the foundation of success, a pathway to a career, and a gateway to opportunity. The establishment of CitySmart Hotel Management (“CHM”) was the result of my dream to open an exceptional educational centre which not only imparts knowledge and develops skill, but inspires a passion for learning and instills in students the courage to fulfill their dreams.

Located in beautiful Hanoi, a gateway to South East Asia, CHM provides industry relevant courses and professional training, underpinned by excellent teaching and state-of-the-art facilities. CHM’s courses are taught within a friendly, inclusive and stimulating environment where each student is encouraged to fulfill their potential and realize their ambitions. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that our student body is becoming more and more international, a reflection of our increasingly globalized society.

Our students are taught by industry experienced lecturers and professionals from across the globe, committed to ensuring that each graduates with the skills to become a professional and future industry leader. Paid Internships are an integral part of our curriculum, as well as guest lectures provided by practicing professionals and high profile employers. As a result, intellectual stimulus and academic excellence is combined with real world experience shaped and informed by employers.

Our students graduate as work-ready professionals, yet should they aspire to continue studying or complete a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree there is the option to progress to further study with a leading partner university in the UK, USA or Australia. I am proud that our graduates can secure leading positions worldwide. This is a result not only of their own hard work, but the dedication of our career and internship service which strives to ensure a successful transition to professional life. I believe that the key to this success is our commitment to each individual student, regardless of their age or academic background.

A career in hospitality facilitates employment prospects across the globe; the industry has experienced unprecedented growth over the past 30 years and its outlook for future growth is even more impressive. A supply of educated professionals is vital to the industry’s future success, and CHM is devoted to meeting such demand.

Dr. Thomas Justin Chan, Ph. D.